How are new paintings created and other FAQ

Q. How are Chart Art prints created?

 Chart Art prints are copies of an original painting by well known Pacific Northwest artist Betty Vestuto. The original painting is commissioned and purchased by you the customer (the copyright is retained by the artist). We then digitize the original and sell different sizes of framed and unframed prints. The original painting gets delivered to you as a 30" x 36" piece of original art in an oak frame ready to hang.

Q. What is the cost of a new painting?

The base cost of a new original is $595.00 plus shipping. This includes one item in the painting with a generic background. Additional items, e.g. 2nd boat, lighthouse, custom background, etc increases the price by $100- $150 per additional item, depending on complexity.

Q. How do I commission and order a new painting for my unit? What do I need to send Chart Art to create a new painting?

  1. Contact Chart Art by phone, (253) 838-2106, or email,, to discuss your painting and to get an order form.
  2. Gather a digital picture of each item you want in the painting. We have to print these at least 8" x 10" for the artist, so do not send thumbnails, we can't enlarge those enough to get the detail we need. The artist will paint exactly what is in the picture unless you tell us what to remove. Keep in mind that we cannot paint a beam aspect with a bow picture and vice versa. The key to providing good pictures is to send pictures that show lots of detail. We cannot use aerial photos.
  3. Make a rough sketch of how you see the painting composed. The artist prefers to paint a scene on one plane.
  4. Get a clean unfolded chart that you want us to paint on; we use the chart you send us so we know we are painting on the correct chart. We use a piece of the chart that is about 22" x 22" so you'll need to tell us what part of the chart you want to see in the final work. The artist will cut the chart. Do not mark on the chart.
  5. Send the chart, and only the chart, rolled in a tube to:

Chart Art
“your unit name” chart “your chart number”
 6425 Miner DR SW
Tumwater WA 98512-7268

On the chart tube, near the shipping label, put the name of your unit and the chart number in large lettering.

6. Send the order form, pictures and sketch to

Q. How long does it take to get an order?

Chart Art usually ships the day after your order is received. We ship US Priority mail which is normally delivered 3 days after shipping. Orders received on Thursday and Friday will take a little longer, but most orders are received within one week. If you are ordering a 20x24, be sure to include a “Date Required” on the order form as some of these can take up to two to three weeks.

Q. Why should I purchase a framed print when I can get it framed myself?

Chart Art only uses quality frames and I don’t think you will be able to get your prints framed any less expensive than you can purchase from us. You’ll get ours in a few days and it arrives ready to hang.

Q. Can Chart Art get plaques and mount inside the framed print or on the frame?

We receive this request often but unfortunately our response is that we cannot place plaques in or on the framed prints. Many customers have been successful purchasing their own plaques, disassembling the framed print (which is very simple), and inserting a plaque.

Have any more questions? Please contact me